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You run a business. Let's get to know the money side of it (and ourselves) better.

 Are you ready to stop:

⇢ Feeling like you have no idea how the finances your business really works

⇢ Getting what's "leftover" (which isn't enough) 

⇢ Constantly falling behind on your finances because doing them is mentally painful, as numbers aren't your thing 

⇢ Being scared you'll run out of money

You know you're smart or you wouldn't have been able to start a business, BUT ...

⇢ You don't really know how to DO money.  

⇢ You aren't sure what you're supposed to be doing or thinking around the "financial part" of your business.

⇢ You aren't sure what the best "financial" decisions are.

⇢ You find yourself "flying by the seat of your pants" and don't really have a good process or plan for your business.

The Prosper Collective is for you if ..


You want to set up and lead your business so that it is PROFITABLE, and you are PAID WELL. No more putting yourself last with "leftovers and table scraps", and letting the business and your bills take priority.


You're ready to stop feeling in the dark about finances and ready to get confident and capable.


You want a mentor to walk you through what you need to be thinking about and working on inside your business.


You want to get caught up on your bookkeeping and have a way to stay on top of it.


You no longer want to be worried about paying taxes, and feeling like you're just waiting for another surprise.

Hey there, I'm Lynda.

Here is why I am the right person to help you learn to run your business profitably, get PAID WELL and get better with finances. 

I have spent my entire career helping large AND smaller businesses become financially successful.

I also deeply understand that finances are SO MUCH MORE than numbers.

I know what success looks like and how to get there, BUT also what it's like to be exactly where you are right now. 

And now, I am giving away all my experience and expertise to share the strategy, skills, tools, and mindset development with YOU to get you to where you desire to go.

It's your turn to step into your next level.

I'm ready to be your MONEY & BUSINESS BESTIE. There are no "stupid" questions. 

Let's make this happen together.

Let's get started today

Join The Prosper Collective and you will learn


🌟 How to manage variable income and still pay your bills, your taxes, and YOURSELF

🌟 How to price effectively and for profit

🌟How to pay yourself more

🌟Bookkeeping skills (should you choose to do it yourself)

🌟 Learn how to grow your personal wealth using your business



🌟How to plan each day, month, quarter, and year. You'll gain access to my planning tools

🌟How to lead your business and your personal finances like a CEO

🌟How to get out of the mental drama we have around money, which is preventing us from growing

🌟How to feel okay around asking for money, making money


The Prosper Collective


Be the CEO who is confident and capable with your business and personal finances, starting TODAY.


You will have access to:


An ever-expanding library of modules AND worksheets to provide what you need to become a financially confident business owner that is profitable and WELL PAID


 Live teaching and coaching to get you personalized help exactly when you need it.


A PRIVATE podcast of workshops and live session recordings so you don't miss a thing.


A PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY of female service-based business owners JUST LIKE YOU, where you offer support and accountability to each other and know you aren't alone in this!


Join the Collective

What you'll get from The Prosper Collective ...


You will stop feeling reactive all the time around business and finances. You will have the  support you need to take your business to a new level in a way that makes sense for YOU, but also pays YOU for your hard work. You will become fully capable to run your business with confidence.



You will understand and work through all the crappy thoughts you have around money (we ALL have them!) and will know how to address and overcome them, and create a plan that is deeply rooted to who YOU are. You will feel comfortable changing your prices.


You'll have a community of committed female business owners JUST LIKE YOU to learn and be inspired from. A confidential space to have open conversations about money, business, and wealth, where we are all rooting for each other.

What my clients say:

"Lynda is pure gold. As a woman new to the business world, I felt adrift trying to figure things out alone, until I started working with Lynda and TPC. She's a wealth of knowledge, and her open-book approach has been invaluable. From guiding me through essential aspects of starting and running a business to boosting my confidence, I feel better equipped and more excited about this journey. If you're in a similar position, I highly recommend working with Lynda and TPC to gain the confidence and skills you might not have known you needed or wanted. "

Creative Consultant


Working with Lynda has been absolutely crucial for organizing and taking control of both my business and personal finances.  She has approached the process with compassion, understanding, and grace. She also provides very practical and educational financial tools that I found incredibly helpful on my journey to becoming more financially literate. I am so grateful I found (Lynda) Pique Prosperity! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Yoga Practice Owner


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The Prosper Collective


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